The Oxford School of Hospitality Management is recognised as a centre of excellence for research in international hospitality and tourism. In 2011, a survey in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research ranked the school as Number One in Europe for top quality hospitality research, and top in the world for research productivity.

Our aim is to conduct rigorous research that advances academics' understanding about the management of hospitality and tourism organisations and destinations nationally and internationally, addresses the needs of organisations and policy makers and informs teaching and learning practices. The school has a very supportive and collegiate research culture developing knowledge and skill capacities in hospitality and tourism management with particular focus to the following research areas:

International Business Development

  • Strategic alliances and partner selection
  • Entrepreneurship and franchising
  • Branding
  • Cross-cultural consumer behaviour
  • International human resource management
  • Revenue management

Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Environmental management
  • Risk and crisis management
  • Employability and mentoring
  • Food, drink and culture
  • Sustainability and responsible business

The staff publishes in prestigious top tier internationally rated journals including Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, International Journal of Hospitality Management, The Service Industries Journal, European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Services Marketing, International Small Business Journal and Journal of Small Business Management. They serve on the editorial boards of prestigious journals including Journal of Services Marketing, International Journal of Hospitality Management and International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. They also speak at both academic and practitioner conferences as key note speakers, edit special editions of the journals including International Journal of Service Industry Management and Contemporary Hospitality Management. They make strong representations in prestigious bodies such as CHME, CHRIE, Tourism and Complexity Society, Global Council in Crisis Management of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association and use their enhanced academic credibility to undertake consultancy activities.

The school hosts international Conferences including the annual International Research Conference of the Council for Hospitality Management Education and International Conference on Services Management (with Penn State and IIMT). Staff from the school have written and contributed to best-selling hospitality books: Hospitality Marketing: Principles and Practice (2011); Planning Research in Hospitality and Tourism (2008); Strategic Management for Hospitality and Tourism (2010); Culinary Taste: Consumer Behaviour in the International Restaurant Sector (2003); and Essential Financial Techniques for Hospitality Managers - a practical approach (2010).

The research conducted in our school is of direct use or interest to businesses. The school's research and consultancy activities continue to develop interventions, tools and techniques which promote effectiveness of organisations and destinations.

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) logo

Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)

At a time when international hotel companies are facing unprecedented instability and risk, whether from economic recession or terrorism, Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) has strengthened its relationship with the Department of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Management through two substantial projects aimed at enhancing its resilience to the turbulent global business environment.

Over the last five years, the world's largest hotel group has worked closely with the Department in areas including risk management and corporate social responsibility. This reflects the Department's focus on ethical business practice, which is now at the core of its research and curricula.

The two projects form part of the highly regarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership supported by the UK Technology Strategy Board and the Economic and Social Research Fund. The collaboration will enable both partners to benefit from each other's expertise. For Brookes, a deeper understanding of IHG's approach to risk management. For IHG, the harmonisation of its business continuity and disaster recovery plans over 30 sites around the world (headquarters, regional offices, data centre and central reservations offices).

The projects will last two and three years respectively and will be led by Dr Alexander Paraskevas, Senior Lecturer in Risk Management and Strategy in the Department of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Management, who commented: "This partnership is a perfect example of the benefits that industry-academia collaboration can bring: business excellence combined with the creation of valuable new knowledge. It's an obvious win-win situation".

International Franchising in Emerging Markets project

International Franchising in Emerging Markets project

For example, Prof Levent Altinay and Dr Maureen Brookes launched their International Franchising in Emerging Markets project in Macau, in early December, through a series of presentations to academics, practitioners and policy makers.

They drew upon the findings of their projects in other emerging markets, including Turkey and Poland, to offer advice to future and existing franchisees in Macau on how to select their franchise partners, develop relationships and learn from each other. The presentations brought together government representatives, entrepreneurs from different sectors and academics, to discuss current developments in hotel franchising. Extensive media coverage of the events ensured that they reached a wide audience. The Government of Macau, through its Economic Scientific Committee, has indicated that the research findings from this ongoing project will inform policy development in the fields of targeted financial support for small businesses with growth potential, and training for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Terrorism and the Complexity of Soft Targets: The Case of the Tourism Industry

As part of a series funded by the Economic and Social Research Council Dr Alex Paraskevas, Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management in the Department of Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Management, hosted a high-profile seminar entitled Terrorism and the Complexity of Soft Targets: The Case of the Tourism Industry. Internationally recognised speakers focused on the links between tourism and terrorism, proposing models for risk minimisation and post-disaster recovery.

Speakers included Barnard Donohue, Head of Government and Public Affairs, Visit Britain; Alan Orlob, Vice President, Global Safety and Security, Marriott International; Professor Alex Schmid, Director, Terrorism Research Initiative; and Dr Dawn Gilpin of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Arizona State University. The seminar series has been organised by Alex Paraskevas and academic partners from a variety of universities including the London School of Economics and Kingston University.

The school has a strong, collaborative and creative research culture and offers students a range of research opportunities.


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